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Thank you to our artists:

Joyce Quaytman

Suzanne Brayton

Sandy Gohlke

Lacey Evans

Sue Evans

Anya Turner

Carol Preble-Miles

Sally Dimas

Tracey Coulter

Katherine Suhay Pickard

Connie Adams

Jenny Marr

Renee Christenson

April Richards-Senior

"Staying Creative Throughout COVID-19" Virtual Art Gallery

at Broadway Heights Restaurant in Chico, CA

"Influences" Virtual Art Gallery

at Broadway Heights Restaurant in Chico, CA


The Mind Vacation Art Gallery and Reception on February 12th, 2020,

featured the work of 7 art instructors who have positively influenced the creative journey of the art students that attend Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshops and Retreats. These talented mentor/teachers continue to inspired the art community throughout the world. The intent of this exhibit is to honor these mentors and to create a sense of unity in the art community


Artists: Carol Preble Miles, Christine Mac Shane, Janet Lombardi-Blixt, Kathleen Presentati, Amber Palmer, Lian Quan Zhen, In loving memory of Sal Casa, and Mind Vacation Artists.


The history and collective skills that these seven master teachers is very powerful, like a ripple effect the creative energy continues to influence the world.

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