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The Workshop Process

Watercolor is versatile.

Workshop artists let go and explore the depths of their own expressions within the context of the workshop's theme and focus. This is where the play begins!

Applying texture to a painting.

Monthly Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshops are typically on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 10 AM - 4 PM. Students may select one or all three days of the workshop. Amber Palmer teaches tips and techniques and demonstrates to painting challenge for the day in the morning session. Following lunch, the afternoon is open painting on the day's challenge with private instruction from Amber. At the close of the session, all artists display their work and share what they did and learned.

Each workshop is well-stocked.

To bring out the creative impulse, Amber Palmer searches out a wide variety of textures and materials to demonstrate many techniques.

Transformations at Workshops

Even Amber makes changes to her work during a workshop.

Free Painting in Afternoon

Jenny Marr is deliberating over her piece during the the afternoon session of Falling Leaves subject workshop.

Amber works with individual artists.

Jenny Marr gets input from Amber Palmer during afternoon session of a Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshop.

Renee Christenson shows her art.

Workshop Artists' work on display at Broadway Heights Restaurant in downtown Chico. New show opens on February 24, 2018.

Art on display at Broadway Heights

This downtown Chico restaurant provides a year round gallery for Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshop artists who wish to show their work. The exhibits rotate on a quarterly basis. One artist is featured each showing.

Michelle Ramsey displays her art.

Workshop Artists are encouraged to share their work during regular art showings at Broadway Heights in the downtown Chico community.

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