The Chico Arts and Culture Foundation will host a Champions of the Arts Celebration including a Guest Speaker, Champion of the Arts recognitions, 2018 accomplishments, Sponsors' recognition, and a local artist highlight. 

Location: MONCA, 900 Esplanade, Chico

Time: Doors open @ 5:30; runs from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Light snacks and beverages available


Class size is limited. 

$35.00 Registration

"Open paint day!"

Workshop & Critique



                                February 15-17                        "Painting from the Heart" Watercolor Workshop

                            February 22-24                        "Almond Blossoms, Orchards, and Wild Life" Plein Air Painting Workshop

                            March 15, 16, or 17                "Birds of a Feather" Watercolor Workshop

                            March 23-24                           "Let's Go to the Farm--Old Barns, Farm land and Baby Animals"

                        April 18                             Champions of the Arts Celebration at MONCA


                        April 28                            "Open Paint" Workshop  


                        May 11-12                         Broadway Heights Mother's Day Art Show


                        May 17, 18, 19                 "How to Get Your Bloom On" Workshop 

                         June 14, 15, 16                  "Octopus's Garden Under the Sea"

                         July 19, 20, 21                   "Primary Colors"


Later this year...

                         October 11, 12, or 13           Painting Workshop with Lian Quan Zhen

                         December 14                        Holiday Party


          Mothers Day 

Come get lunch and buy a     painting for your mother!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Champions of the Arts Celebration Invite

           May 11 & 12  at  Broadway Heights

With a collection of Amber Palmer's and her student's work on display at Broadway Heights in Chico, we encourage anyone and everyone to come and celebrate your mother with buying her a lovely piece of art!

Calling all art students and future students...

I know many of you are disappointed the Graham Berry workshop was canceled. So, I am having an open paint day. Please bring in a painting or idea you are working on and lets paint together! I will be working on a portrait painting and will do a demo if you like. I will mainly focus on individual and class critique to enhance your personal watercolor journey. If you want to start a new painting or are just getting started this is a great class to receive the individual inspiration and techniques you need to be on your way to painting!

For more information on Lian, visit

Watercolor Workshop with Lian Quan Zhen

Lian teaches basic techniques such as compositions and coloring, and his unique methods of "Color Pouring and Blending" and "Paint Around (negative painting)." He shows how to mix colors on watercolor papers, as well as letting the pigments paint themselves. Only three primary colors will be used for painting. There are 4-6 short demos each day with student practicing between, so that they can absorb and assimilate the lessons. 

Price:   $290 for all 3 days. Limited spots, so pre-register $100 of your total cost or pay in full now to reserve. The remainder will be paid in full by August 30th


Location:   TBA

If you'd like to pre-register, please fill out and send the Registration Flyer



October 11, 12, &13 2019

Sunday April 28           Hours: 10 AM - 4 PM

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