Born in Northern California, Amber Palmer naturally brings images of expansive skies, meandering rivers, tall grass, symmetrically planted orchards and rice marshes. Her artwork is influenced by the mood and atmosphere of Northern California's changing seasons. She expresses her creative voice through both watercolor media and photography. 


Amber's watercolor art and photography work are exhibited in national juried exhibitions, invitational shows, museums, and commercial galleries and local businesses and private collections. 


Amber states: “I find a state of reverie and focused meditation while in the creative process.”

Amber Palmer

"I’ve been teaching Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshops for more than seven years and have hundreds of students who've participated in these monthly workshops. Several workshop participants have blossomed as watercolorists in their own right. While others continue to let go in the atmosphere of the mind vacation workshop sessions in the studio. During each workshop session,  I share watercolor tips and demonstrate techniques. My classes meet a need for practical, encouraging, clear demonstration of watercolor techniques. Though I’ve painted for many years, I still consider myself a student of watercolor just like my students. We are all in the same boat needing motivation, encouragement and community as we journey together. It is my approachability that makes my classes so welcome to my students."


"I am honest about my struggles to master new painting techniques and subjects, while fearlessly sharing what I have learned so far," 

In addition to her passion for painting, Amber Palmer is a licensed marriage family therapist with an active practice in Chico CA. "For the past 30 years, I have counseled with individuals and groups;  and I often use the creative arts and art therapy as a major role in the healing process. I continue to conduct conferences and presentations to professional and collegial groups utilizing art therapy and creative expression as a therapeutic model."

Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshops

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